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Our History

Inspiration can come from anywhere. In September 2019, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama.  it was discovered that thousands of people lost their homes and businesses and schools in these areas were destroyed.  It was utter devastation. 

Heartpack, Inc is a non profit organization originally created to help assist in the relief efforts for these communities.  

Having worked in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in 2017, Hurricane Wilma in 2005 as well as other disasters, our founding members saw that there was an evolution of need as communities recover from crisis.  

One of those needs is providing children with nurturing items for emotional and physical well-being as well as educational tools for them to return to school.  This helps create a sense of normalcy in their lives. Additionally, providing emergency supplies and care kits for parents helps give them nurturing support so they may care for themselves and their families.  100% of our fundraising efforts go towards achieving this goal.

Our Mission

HEARTpack is based on the principal of Helping Empower individuals and Actively Rebuilding communities Together. 


Our mission is to provide thoughtful relief supplies to help kids and parents get back on track after a crisis. HEARTpack backpacks are filled with educational materials, emergency supplies and care kits along with notes of love and support to assist in the rebuilding process.

Our Team

Our founding members:  Oakleigh Waits, Layla Barr, Susan Beale and Linda Andersen. Four compassionate women working in collaboration with many, dedicated volunteers locally and worldwide. We carry with us the motto of our hometown, "One Human Family". We are families helping families.  

Communities helping communities. A nonprofit is as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone.  Together we are a HeartPack.  Together we can affect change.

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Thank you for taking time to visit HEARTpack.  We are so happy that you are here.    Please join us on in our efforts.  Together we can do so much more than we can do alone.